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Access Marine Program

Access Marine: 

Excursion Subsidy Program 


Inspiring the next generation of marine science leaders through hands-on and research-based learning opportunities, is at the heart of the SIMS Education Program.

Through generous community support, SIMS is delighted to present Access Marine, an excursion and travel subsidy open to eligible NSW schools. 



Available workshops address skill and content areas covered in the NSW Syllabus areas outlined below:

Note: Workshop modules and programming will be determined based on student numbers and other factors.


Science and Technology Syllabus - Living World (Stages 2, 3)


Science - Living World (Stage 4)

Geography - Environmental Change and Management (Stage 5).


For more information on available programs or to discuss your application, please contact education@sims.org.au

Terms and conditions can be found here.

To apply, please click here.

We look forward to hearing from you.