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Dr Amanda Pettersen

Postdoctoral Research Associate



Prof. Peter Steinberg, Dr Melinda Coleman, Dr Ezequiel Marzinelli

University Affiliation  

University of Sydney 


I am an evolutionary ecologist interested in the patterns and processes that underlie biodiversity. I use a combination of field and experimental work measuring physiological and life-history traits, along with analysis of existing datasets to understand how selection shapes patterns of phenotypic variation across time and space.

I completed my PhD at Monash University in 2018, working on marine invertebrates and fish to understand how early-life environments shape fitness and performance later in life, and how this may explain key patterns observed in ecology. 

I then spent two years at Lund University in Sweden (2018-2020) as a Postdoctoral Fellow, researching early-life physiology and maternal effects as mechanisms that facilitate local adaptation and range expansion into novel climates.

Research at SIMS 

A fundamental goal of ecology is to understand how and why species diversity changes across time and space. This understanding is critical for developing effective management and conservation strategies. 

I am working on the Research Attraction and Acceleration Program (RAAP), which is a collaborative project between the Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS), the Integrated Marine Observing Systems (IMOS), the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI), and the University of Sydney.

The primary goal of my project is to analyse and integrate existing long-term marine data sets (including genetic, microbial, fish and invertebrate communities) to evaluate the current status, and investigate future impacts of environmental change on marine biodiversity.

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