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SIMS Early Career Researchers


Dr Edwina Tanner

Project Manager, World Harbour Project



Prof. Peter Steinberg, Prof. Martina Doblin

University Affiliation  

University of Sydney 



I am a marine researcher with data and project management skills. I have experience managing large scale, multidicsiplinary and global marine science projects including the World Harbour and Behavioural Response of Australian Humpback Whales to Seismic Surveys (BRAHSS) projects. I did my undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University of Sydney pursuing a range of research interests from water mass movement in the Bass Strait, upwelling and fisheries in the Canary Current to developing a hydrodynamic model and carbon budget for the iconic Sydney Harbour Estuary.


Research at SIMS 

The WHP aims to tackle issues surrounding the multiple uses of harbours and ports through targeted workshops, exchange programs of students and researchers and specific collaborative projects on a global scale. The vision is to facilitate and link programs across major international harbours, with a focus on investigating and restoring ecosystem functioning and the consequent development of management best-practices that can be applied by all partner cities. Investigations of the socio-economic aspects of harbour development, environmental degradation and ecosystem restoration form an important component of the WHP. My research has focused on the issues of water and sediment quality, green engineering, and education programs across the global network of the world harbour project partners. The research I am currently working on is determining the heavy metal sediment contamination in 10 world harbours and the harm to benthic communities from the combined metal mixtures. 


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