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SIMS Early Career Researchers


Dr Paloma Matis 

Postdoctoral Researcher



Prof. Iain Suthers 

University Affiliation  

University of New South Wales



My research interests include the ecology and early life history of marine fishes. I have always been passionate about the marine environment and this led me to undertake a Bachelor of Science at The University of Sydney majoring in Biology and Marine Science. I then undertook honours investigating how the physical oceanography of the East Australian Current shapes larval fish communities and growth rates off the coast of NSW. I went on to complete my PhD at the University of Technology Sydney, examining habitat associations of fishes across tropical to temperate latitudes to better understand implications for ocean warming and species range expansion. 


Research at SIMS 

I am currently a Postdoctoral Researcher based at SIMS where I coordinate the IMOS Larval Fish Monitoring Program with Prof. Iain Suthers. The goal of our program is to provide quantitative information on larval fish around Australia to understand future changes in fish distribution, abundance and penology through the use of historical larval fish data and continued monthly monitoring at macro-scale. Larval fish are sampled monthly at five IMOS National Reference Stations around Australia including North Stradbroke Island (Brisbane), Port Hacking (Sydney), Maria Island (Hobart), Rottnest Island (Perth) and Kangaroo Island (Adelaide, sampled bi-monthly) and combined with sporadic research voyages. Through the program we aim to provide adequate baseline information to monitor ecosystem changes, and to identify fisheries-independent trends. I explore community dynamics of fish assemblages and how this relates to habitat availability and oceanography. I'm also interested in understanding impacts of environmental change on marine ecosystems, including species distributions.


IMOS Larval Fish Monitoring Program 

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