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News no tags 09 Sep 2019

Manly Festival of Seaweed - A NSW Government My Community Project

Manly Festival of Seaweed Receives Funding - NSW Government My Community Project

A fun, participatory and educational festival celebrating our wonderous underwater forests 


SIMS, Operation Crayweed and the Dorset-Sutton Initiative are extremely excited to have been awarded funding for the Manly Festival of Seaweed through the My Community Project scheme. My Community Project is made possible by the NSW Government Generations Fund. The fund helps keep the state’s debt at a sustainable level, while sharing the benefits of its returns with the people of NSW by funding community projects.


By fostering stronger relationships between Sydneysiders and their local marine environment, this festival aims  to increase stewardship and protection of our oceans for generations to come. 


Seaweeds are the underwater trees that underpin Sydney’s marine environments. They provide critical habitat and support hundreds of marine species by offering food and shelter, while quietly capturing atmospheric carbon dioxide and producing precious oxygen. 



This festival invites the community to engage in a celebration of these remarkable coastal ecosystems through food, art and science, and to hear about how we are restoring these underwater forests along 70 km of Sydney’s coastline (including at Cabbage Tree Bay in Manly!). 



The festival will include a major art installation, hands-on marine restoration of lost crayweed forests, films, art workshops and cooking demonstrations. A seaweed inspired temporary pavilion at Shelly Beach will host a range of activities while presenting itself as a sculptural architectural piece that entices vistors to enter.