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News no tags 08 Oct 2018

You're going to need a bigger tag

"You're going to need a bigger tag"

Mosman Daily Article featuring 2018 Emerald Dinner Speakers: Drs Vic Peddemors and Amy Smoothey


Drs. Vic Peddemors and Amy Smoothey are based at the Sydney Institute of Marine Science at Chowder Bay and are part of the NSW Department of Primary Industries. The DPI launched the Sydney Harbour bull shark tagging program in 2009. 

Prior to its foundation, very little was known about shark movements in the harbour or what the feared creatures were actually doing there. So far the researchers have tagged 66 large bull sharks, with the largest at 3.2m, and they have found interesting information about their patterns.

Vic and Amy are set to captivate guests at the 2018 Emerald Dinner.  Book your ticket now

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