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Bringing Our Seawalls to Life

We need your help to bring the sandstone seawall of Sydney's iconic Blues Point to life


In Sydney Harbour over 50% of the shoreline has been modified by artificial structures such as seawalls.  This presents a significant problem because relative to natural habitats, the flat and featureless surfaces of seawalls do not provide suitable habitats for marine plants and animals. 


Living Seawalls provide an innovative solution that works, by using 3D printing technology to develop concrete tiles that mimic features commonly found on natural shorelines. 


Excitingly at Blues Point the tiles will be attached to the seawall during its renovation later this year. So we can transform the seawall into an ecologically friendly Living Seawall. 

Our challenge is to find resourcing to 'grow' our Living Seawalls

Living Seawall Tiles Up Close

100 tiles will bring the Blues Point Seawall to life